WTF? GMC HUMMER EV will rock with electric guitar sounds

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One thing all electric cars have in common is that they’re quiet. Too quiet for some. So how do you bring the noise?

GMC revealed during a CES presentation that is working with Bose to create a soundtrack for its upcoming HUMMER EV, which offers a Watts to Freedom, or WTF, mode that unlocks its full 1,000 horsepower and the ability to accelerate to 60 mph in a supercar-quick three seconds.

HUMMER EV lead development engineer Aaron Pfau said the Bose Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement technology mixes guitar riffs, high-frequency feedback and sounds inspired by the Formula E electric racing series to create an “immersive sensory experience” when you slam on the gas…uh, accelerator pedal.

Pfau said GMC isn’t ready to share an audio clip just yet, but did explain what happens when you engage Watts to Freedom mode by pressing the traction control button twice. First, the vehicle lowers on its standard air suspension system, then it optimizes the battery temperature for full power delivery and asks you to apply the brake as the seat and subwoofer vibrate the vehicle as the system completes its preparations. The driver is then asked to floor the accelerator, release the brake pedal and the truck is off.


GMC isn’t the only electric automaker going this enhanced audio route. The new Ford Mustang Mach-E has an Unbridled mode that cranks up a digital version of a V8 engine, as ironic as that sounds.

The top of the line HUMMER EV goes on sale this fall at a starting price of $112,595, but cheaper models will be added to the lineup in the next few years.

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