US Capitol on Lockdown After Vehicle Attack; Officer and Suspect Killed: Latest News

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The Capitol Police said Friday that a suspect was in custody after two officers had been struck and injured by a vehicle near the heavily guarded northern entrance to the U.S. Capitol.

The Capitol complex was locked down, as the agency instructed staff to remain indoors, away from doors and windows, as eyewitnesses posted videos of a large law enforcement response.

“A suspect is in custody,” the Capitol Police said on Twitter. “Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital.”

Images from the scene posted on social media appeared to show emergency workers treating someone on the driveway of the Capitol.

One member of the news media, Jake Sherman, posted a video showing a helicopter landing near the building.

Congress is on recess and so the majority of lawmakers are not near the building, and President Biden left Washington earlier in the day for Camp David.

Shortly after 1 p.m., an alarm came and an alert was sent to all staff members on Capitol Hill.

“Capitol: Due to an external security threat located All U.S. Capitol Campus Buildings , no entry or exit is permitted at this time. You may move throughout the building(s) but stay away from exterior windows and doors. If you are outside, seek cover,” said a message sent from the Capitol Police.

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